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Nunu Genshin Impact Camel, What is It and How to Complete an Event Quest

The Nunu Genshin Impact Camel is a step in the currently active Mimi Tomo event and can be solved by solving puzzles.

The riddle depends on you translating what the Nunu Camel means. This part isn’t that hard, what’s hard is figuring out what to do with the information. Here’s the guide.

How to Complete the Nunu Hilichurl Camel Genshin Impact Event Quest

To complete the Nunu Camel quest at the Genshin Impact Mimi Tomo hilichurl event, the first step that needs to be done is to learn the meaning of the sentence.

Open the hilichurlian handbook and scroll down until you find it. You’ll find out that it means “late night”.

This means that you can only complete missions after 1 p.m. in-game time. If you are at that hour, be ready to go.

But, for convenience you can move the clock. Open the menu and find the little clock icon on the left, move it to past 01.00 and click confirm.

It’s late now, open the map and find the little yellow mission circle in Windrise. There is a fast travel point nearby. You no longer need to travel miles and miles.

Once there, head to the river bank and find hilichurl sleeping in the grass. Defeat it, and you will complete the Camel Nunu Genshin Impact hilichurl event quest.

You’ll know it’s a proper hiilichurl if it’s called “Unusual Hilichurl, Menace of the Mansion” or “Unusual Hilichurl, Threat of Mansion”.

A word of warning: this monster is no laughing matter; actually, it’s a straight-up miniboss. In addition, it will summon all kinds of additional enemies that you need to fight.

It’s not the most difficult battle, but it’s definitely more difficult Mita Movo Lata’s move. Unusual Hilichurl has a lot of HP (almost as tanky as the Hypostasis elite).

In addition, it will summon some allies after you use up the health bar. Watch out for samachurls/shamans as they can heal it back completely.

Upon completion, you will receive a primogem, Hero’s Wit, and purple Serenitea Pot furniture.

The Mimi Tomo event at Genshin Impact will continue until the end of the week. Septemberbe we’ll see a fiercer fight against Unusual Hilichurl or a more difficult clue.