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Nonton Midori Shoujo Tsubaki Anime Full Movie Sub Indo

Nonton Midori Shoujo Tsubaki Anime Full Movie Sub Indo – Shoujo Tsubaki is a manga created and illustrated by Suehiro Maro and published by Seirindo in 1984.

The manga has also been adapted into a film which is also produced by Suehiro himself and directed by Torico. The main character is filled by Lisa Nakamura.

This anime reveals the dark side of a circus show. Behind it, it turns out that there is mental and physical bullying that is so painful.

Synopsis of Midori Shoujo Tsubaki Anime

This anime is set in 20th century Japan which tells the story of Midori (Lisa Nakamura). He lives alone with his mother (Miyuki Torii).

One day the mother was found dead. Inevitably, Midori who is still a teenager lives alone.

He also tries to find out who killed his mother. While looking, he worked as a flower seller and even had to leave school to work and to stay alive.

Once upon a time, Midori met someone who offered her a job in the circus world. There are many places where they go to perform.

His performances are also known to be stunning and always get praise from the audience. But behind the greatness of it all, Midori actually lives in it pitifully.

He was often bullied mentally and physically and even sexually abused. Wanda Masamitsu as the leader of the gang also ordered his followers to kill people.

With such a bad situation, will Midori give up or be eager to change her life in the circus for the better?

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Nonton Midori Shoujo Tsubaki Anime Full Movie Sub Indo

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