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Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook Location (1) Elden Ring

The Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook should be a priority for players early in the Elden Ring. Cookbooks provide players with crafting recipes that will allow them to craft several essential items. There are several different categories of Cookbooks.

The Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook, unlike many other Cookbooks, cannot be looted from corpses or only found by exploring the Lands Between. Instead, players can buy them from the Kalé Merchant.

How to Get Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (1) Elden Ring

Merchant Kalé sells various items to players. There are many Key Items, armor types, and Cookbooks available through these non-playable characters in the Elden Ring.

Players can not only purchase the first Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook, the second is also available. However, the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (1) is the subject here, and costs 500 Runes.