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NOD Mobile Legends Items Are Suitable For Countering This Thick Hero

One item in MLBB with a fairly important function is the Necklace of Durance (NOD). This NOD Mobile Legends item has the function of reducing HP regen and is usually used by mage-type heroes.

This item is very powerful against thick heroes. That’s because the support mage has no damage, later NOD will help counter the opposing team’s thick hero. What NODs are useful for thick hero counters? Here’s the explanation.

Description of Mobile Legends NOD Items

NOD is a mandatory item for Mage-type heroes. That’s because this item will provide additional magic damage and cooldown reduction.

Even so, NOD is not a mandatory item that must be used because it is conditional. For example, if the opposing team does not have a hero with a high HP regen, using NOD is not very effective.

Stats :

+60 magic powers

+5% Cooldown Reduction

+10% Magical Lifesteal


Is a magic item that is identical to the Mage hero. As for if you buy this item, the attributes that will be obtained are:

Heroes that can be countered with NOD Items

Heroes with high lifesteal and HP regeneration are very effective against NOD. That’s because the item works by reducing the opponent’s HP by 50 percent. Here are the heroes that can be countered with the NOD Mobile Legends item.

Yu Zhong

The first hero that can be countered with NOD items is Yu Zhong, who has a high enough HP regen so it’s hard to kill.

When entering the late game, Yu Zhong will be more annoying and can dominate the teamfight. To reduce the skill, you can use NOD items. But beware, because this hero can directly dive to the back of the opponent.


Necklace of Durance is also effective against Esmeralda. Even though he often gets nerfed, this one hero is still annoying thanks to his high HP regen.


In MPL Season 6, Uranus is the first ranked hero who is often banned. Even though he often gets nerfed, this hero is still fierce.

NOD items are suitable for countering Uranus to reduce its high lifestyle.

In addition to the three heroes above, NOD items are suitable for countering Thamuz, Hylos, Alice, Dyrroth, Roger, Ruby, Alucard and Roger.

That’s information about heroes that are suitable to be countered with NOD Mobile Legends items. Join our FREE MLBB tournament by visiting and selecting the available season.