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No Guns Life Manga Finally Adapted To Anime

Record label official websiteHMV” has revealed in the magazine cover below that, the work of the mangaka named Tasuku Karasuma entitled No Guns Life will be adapted into an anime. The date or year this anime will air has not been announced, for sure, this anime will be adapted into an anime, hearing that alone makes me happy.

No Guns Life

Manga belongs to Karasuma entitled No Guns Life previously launched his manga in September 2014 after he published the story as a one-shot for the manga. While the company Shueisha was the one who released the eighth volume of the No Guns Life manga on September 19.

Synopsis of No Guns Life

This Manga series tells the story of a world where people modify their bodies as a new technology so that they become strong and smart quickly. The humans who modify their bodies are referred to as “Extends“.

Inui Juuzou (the protagonist) is an agent hired to take care of cases related to the Extends. The manga’s story begins when Inui is involved in a case that puts him in the middle of a government conspiracy that has full power in this world.

No Guns Life1

Karasuma has also previously drawn manga adaptations of novels Shangri-La and Reideen. This manga series was previously often compared to the manga entitled Dorohedoroindeed the two manga are good, but, the No Guns Life manga is the easiest to digest the storyline and easy to turn into an anime.