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Night Owl Skin, Gusion's New Collector Skin

Good news for Gusion users. Because in the near future, Moonton will present a new collector skin for this hero called Night Owl Skin.

Later, he will be in the Grand Collection tab replacing Wanwan’s Pixel Blast Skin. It looks like heroes who are less popular lately will get a useful buff with the arrival of this collector skin.

Gusion’s Night Owl Skin Appearance

Gusion Will Get a Collector Skin Named Night Owl Skin

This collector skin makes Gusion wear a purple suit of armor. There is also an owl ornament with purple eyes on the chest.

This skin will also feature a gumon with a mask decorated with purple feathers on its right side. The appearance of the Night Owl Skin Gusion further strengthens the identity of this one hero as an assassin who came from the Middle Ages.

Gusion’s sword weapon will also change to a Holy Blade which changes the color of the sword to a shining purple.

How to get skin collector Gusion

Because the name is skin collector, to get this one skin, of course, you have to take part in the Mobile Legends collector event.

You are required to do a draw or gacha at the event to be able to bring home the Night Owl. As an exclusive skin, the price must be expensive, for Gusion users, prepare your diamonds from now on.

What makes it expensive is that it requires continuous spins, not just once or twice a direct spin can be.

Even game YouTubers spent more than 4000 diamonds to get this Night Owl collector skin.

Gameplay Skin Gusion Night Owl

The first skill of the Night Owl, Gusion will throw his purple sword while leaving a trail of light every time he moves.

Then, there is the Shadowblade Slaughter skill which also releases a purple sword, the sword becomes doubled and then stabs at the target. It really hurts

Then, when he uses Incandescence, Gusion will attack blindly. For more details, watch the highlights below:

Night Owl Skin Gusion Release Date

The Collector Skin for Gusion will be released on the original server on September 5, 2022, which means it was out a day ago.

As usual, this skin will last for a period of one month, in September the skin collector will be updated again.

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