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New PUBG New State Features That Will Affect Gameplay

A new PUBG Mobile sequel called PUBG New State will be released soon. Krafton as a PUBG developer has uploaded a trailer on September 25, 2022. All players must be curious about this new PUBG New State feature.

Based on the released trailer, the game will be set in 2051. Equipped with a futuristic map design, modern weapons and new features that are definitely interesting.

One of the coolest is the quality of the graphics that will be presented. Krafton claims the quality will be above the average standard of mobile gaming. That’s thanks to the embedded Global Illumination technology.

There are also many new features that will change the gameplay that is different from the current PUBG Mobile style of play. Curious? Here’s the full review.

New Map, TROI

New PUBG Mobile New State Features That Will Affect Gameplay

There will be a new map that is present in the latest PUBG Mobile sequel called Troi. The map is 8×8 km in size and has been in the works for quite a while. Possibly, in the future it will be like Eangle.

The presence of this new map is also of course with new vehicles, new weapons and other new items that are worth waiting for.

Based on the trailer that has been released by Krafton, Troi presents a modern urban background with houses that are close together and quite dense. Automatically, there will also be many hiding places for players.

New Features That Will Affect Gameplay

There are a number of new features in PUBG New State that will change the gameplay. Later, the style of play is not exactly the same as it is today. Anything?


First there is the drones item that will change the team’s movement on the map. Players will use a different way of hiding because the opponent has a drone that can track the position easily.

This drone will make it easier for opponents to spy because they don’t need to get closer to the enemy. This drone could be a replacement for the Scout role now.

Where this scout role is very important to know the movement and position of the enemy. Later, there is no need to send colleagues to check the waves ahead, just use a drone.


If you look at the PUBG: New State trailer, there is a battle scene using a shield or shield. If later this shield will really be presented, surely close combat can be more intense.

The presence of this Shield can also change the gameplay of the players. In particular, those who played the role of rusher.

Custom Weapons

Custom Weapons

Although the information is still very minimal, it is reported that players can custom weapons in the game. Starting from fire mode to grenade launchers.

It is likely to be difficult to estimate how much damage the weapon used, especially if the opponent has made customizations.

Well, that’s information about the new PUBG New State feature. The release date has yet to be confirmed, because Krafton has yet to make an official announcement.

But pre-registration for players using android mobile devices has been opened. You can read about it here : PUBG New State : Everything You Need to Know