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New Horizon Presents Fireworks Festival to Save Backup!

Some time ago, Nintendo has added a new feature that allows players to swim and dive in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Well, now it has announced the second wave of updates for the summer edition of the game.

In the second wave update which was launched on September 30 yesterday, there will be a fireworks festival which will be held every Sunday night at 7 pm. Moreover, players will be able to make custom design for the fireworks to be lit.

In addition, this update also includes a dream session where players can be transported to dreamland every time they sleep on a bed at home. Later players can explore the dream world by requesting or giving the “address” of the island to villager new name Luna.

Finally, the save backup feature via the cloud allows players to save their own island in the cloud on Nintendo servers. Apart from preventing exploits, this feature also doesn’t require players to have a Nintendo Online subscription.