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New Features of Mobile Legends Offline Mode, Can Play Without Quota

Mobile Legends Offline Mode

Mobile Legends re-presenting new features in
advanced server named “Offline Mode”. As the name suggests, features offline mode in
Mobile Legends game This allows you to play without using any internet connection (offline).

How to activate it is very easy. First, make sure that your smartphone is not connected to any internet connection before opening it
Mobile Legends game.

If you have, then just open it Mobile Legends game then wait for this notification to appear:

Mobile Legends Offline Mode Loading Screen Display

Just press “Confirm” and wait until it looks like this:

Main Interface Mobile Legends Offline Mode

If you have successfully entered the display like the picture above, that is a sign that you have successfully entered the mode offline in game Mobile Legends without using any quota.

How come it looks so different?

Take it easy, even though it looks different from the version on linefashion
offline It’s still using your main account. The proof, all
skin that you already have can later be used freely in this mode.

Mode offline actually just a mode custom just like the one in original server. The difference, fashion offline have easier access, because since loading screen You don’t need internet connection help anymore.

So that gameplay in fashion offline more fun, Moonton also have prepared 3 levels difficulty: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The higher the level difficulty the one you choose, the smarter you are bot which you will fight.

Oiya, just like fashion customall hero in fashion
offline you can play this for free. So, for those of you who want to try using it hero new, can you try it first in mode
offline this.

Advantages of Offline Mode

1. Create Hero Training

Because of all heroits available for free, mode
offline This is a good tool to practice your skills in using hero new, or hero with high mechanics that require a lot of practice to master each skill, for example: Fanny, Ling, and Lancelot.

2. Can Be Played In Any Condition

Mode offline be the right solution to get rid of boredom in certain conditions, for example when you are on an airplane or when there is a power failure which often makes the internet connection disconnected.

Septemberan can still play Mobile Legends even if the opponent is just a bot, just count it so it doesn’t get messy.


Okay, maybe that’s all my discussion regarding fashion
Mobile Legends offline. What do you think? What is this offline mode
worth it to be released to original server? Write your answer in the comments column.

Thank you


Mobile Legends