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New Characters and New Weapons Present in Free Fire World Series

The Free Fire OB27 update has been released, The Cobra has now been replaced by Fire Fire World Series. Players can already update the game to the latest version and try out all the new features. New characters Xayne and Maro will be added to this latest update.

Free Fire World Series New Characters


Free Fire World Series New Characters

Xayne is present in the OB27 update. The character was previously available on the OB27 Advanced Server where players can try out their abilities.

Xayne has an ability called Xtreme Encounter. At a basic level, this ability will give players 100 HP as well as a 50% increase in damage to shield and gloowall. All effects last for 8 seconds with cooldown 150 seconds.

At maximum level, damage shield and gloo wall increased by up to 80%. While the cooldown duration is reduced to 100 seconds.

Apart from new characters, several other features will also be added to Free Fire with the OB27 update such as a new weapon, Kord.


Free Fire World Series New Characters

Garena Free Fire’s patch notes describe Maro as a great Falconer to keep your distance and defeat enemies. He can beat opponents from a distance.

Maro has a skill called Falcon Fervor. At a basic level, this skill will give players additional damage over distance. Starting from 5/7/14/19/25%. Meanwhile, damage to marked enemies will increase by 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5%.

Free Fire OB27 New Weapon : Kord

Free Fire OB27 New Weapon : Kord

Kord has many interesting features. You can use it to make weapons effective for use in long-range, medium or close-range combat.

As the official Garena Free Fire patch note says, the new Kord gun is an LMG class weapon. This weapon will be available in Battle Royale and Clash Squad match modes.

According to Free Fire’s official patch notes:

“The Kord is an LMG that can be used as an effective tool for surprise fire. Squat and shoot to destroy all players.”

It is also written that players can crouch or lie down to activate the Machine Gun Mode of the weapon.

New Machine Gun Mode in Free Fire

Machine guns usually have a large magazine size. That’s why it troubles the user because rate of fire and recoil which is slow makes it difficult to make attacks.

After the OB27 patch update, players will be able to activate Machine Gun mode by crouching to upgrade output fire to the enemy.

Kord Weapon Stats

  • Base Damage: 35
  • Rate of Fire: 0.21
  • Magazine: 80
  • Attachment Slot: Scope can be attached

After activating Machine Gun mode, Kord’s rate of fire is increased by 5%, and three shots will be fired at once.

According to the official statistics, this new weapon has the lowest base damage in the LMG category compared to other weapons such as the M249 or Gatling.

Although the magazine capacity is very large, the rate of fire is lower. However, Machine Gun mode will give a buff to the rate of fire. It can be said that Kord is the most effective weapon to use in all ranges of battle.

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