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Mystery Shop Free Fire (FF) September 2022 Coming Again 7-12 September 2022

Good news for you guys booyah! The Mystery Shop Free Fire September 2022 event is here again. Those of you who have been waiting for this event for a long time are finally relieved because Garena has officially announced.

For the date it will take place from 7 to 12 September 2022. Take note, don’t miss it, friend!

What Mystery Shop Free Fire (FF) September 2022 Presents

What’s in the Mystery Shop event this month and how is it different from the events held in previous months.

The main and most striking difference is the items on offer as well as the grand prize. The main prize for this September event is the Wolfrahh Costume Bundle.

In addition, there are two other types of bundles that are used as the main prizes for this month’s Mystery Shop, namely Purple Shade and Violet Wraith.

To be able to buy it at the event, you must meet the requirements, namely the progress bar must be fully charged.

You are required to complete the progress bar of each costume. In addition to the costume bundle above, there are lots of interesting prizes that you can take home.

Mystery Shop FF Event Prize September 2022

The following are the prizes for the FF September Mystery Shop event that will be presented in-game.

  • Purple Shade Bundle
  • Violet Wraith Bundle
  • Alok’s Deluxe Bundle
  • Wolfrahh’s Streamer Bundle
  • Skyler’s Superstar Bundle
  • Bubbly Girl Kelly
  • Skyler Box
  • Chrono Box
  • Male Techwear (Vest)
  • Female Techwear (Vest)
  • White Prosperity (Bottom)
  • Caroline character
  • LoL Emotes
  • Top DJ Emotes
  • Emote Threaten
  • Hello emoticons
  • Emote The Swan
  • Tea Time Emotes

Etc. All the prizes offered are cool. You can top up diamonds from now on to buy all the Mystery Shop FF prizes this month.

How to Join the Event

Before starting to buy items at the Mystery Shop, make sure you know how to participate in events. Here are the steps.

  • Open the Free Fire app
  • Click the Events icon
  • Go to News tab
  • Click the Mystery Shop column
  • Follow the gacha instructions regarding the amount of the discount
  • Get the desired gift discount
  • You can already shop at Mystery Shop

Join the FREE FIRE Free Tournament here