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Mystery Shop FF September 2022, Opening Date and Prize List

For those of you Free Fire players, you must be really looking forward to the Mystery Shop event, right? So when will Mystery Shop FF September 2022 be available? You can get the answer by reading this article.

Save the date carefully and don’t miss it because this event is only open for a limited time. The prizes are also very attractive and worth waiting for. Here’s more.

What is Mystery Shop FF

mystery shop

Source: Pewe GAMERZ

For those who don’t know, the Mystery Shop is one of the in-game events held by Garena Free Fire.

In the event, players can buy various exclusive items at discounted prices. It even offers discounts of up to 90 percent!

Each period is also different, at the Mystery Shop FF September 2022 event this time there will be an interesting bundle that is different from similar events in the previous period.

The discount that each player gets will also be different. Depends on the level of luck when doing a spin.

When is the September FF Mystery Shop Event Open?

You must be really looking forward to this one event, right? How not, because at this event there are many interesting items at low prices.

Mystery Shop will be available in September, to be exact September 24, 2022. Don’t miss it.

Mystery Shop Event Prize September 2022

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There has been no official information from Garena regarding what prizes are being offered at the Mystery Shop event this time.

However, it is rumored that the Free Fire x Attack on Titan collaboration bundle will enter the Mystery Shop this period. Other news, the Purple Shade bundle will also be presented.

In addition to these two, there are several items that are predicted to appear in events such as the Vegeance bundle and the Fact4 Bundle.

How? Already curious to bring home these bundles?

How to Join the Event

For those who don’t know, how to join this event is very easy. First, open the Free Fire application then click the event icon.

Continue by going to the news tab and selecting the Mystery Shop column. Just go to the event. Later, players will be directed to the Gatcha or spin draw page.

Here, it will be determined how much discount each player will get. Each player will get a different discount, depending on luck. So just pray a lot.

If you already get a discount, just go to the main page of the Mystery Shop and use it to shop for items immediately. Easy isn’t it?

Latest News! No Mystery Shop This Month

Garena has confirmed that this September the Mystery Shop does not exist. But don’t worry, this event will come again next month. There’s probably an AOT bundle in there.

Instead, there is a Mystery Crate event that will take place on September 26 – September 1, 2022. Later, if you open the Mystery Box, you will have the opportunity to bring home an exclusive bundle. Players can set the number of diamonds they want to spend.

Starting from 6 to 600 using the sliding bar on the right side of the screen. If you use 600 diamonds, you will definitely get the main prize.