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MPL Season 5 Results and Standings Recap, RRQ's First Defeat

MPL Season 5 Results and Standings Recap, RRQ’s First Defeat, Mobile Legends Professional League ( MPL ) Indonesia Season 5 has just finished the regular season round for its second week. Lots of surprises and polemics were presented this week, curious about what happened in the second week of MPL Season 5?.

Before the start of the second week of the highest caste tournament of this analog moba game, many of the fans of this event were shocked by the shocking news from the Aura Esports team who suddenly shifted the position of their Hardcore player, Susugajah to the MDL (Mobile Legends Developper League) division and replaced by Vanstrong.

MPL Season 5 Results and Standings Recap, RRQ’s First Defeat

After we were surprised by the news of the transition of a Susugajah to the MDL Aura team, there were many more polemics presented by this tournament. Perhaps what is still a mystery is that there is no known midlaner’s name “Arrogant” Udil is from the ONIC Esports team who still hasn’t strengthened the yellow hedgehog team until week 2.

However, regarding the news of clarity from the absence of Udil from the Onic Esports team, there has been an official statement from the management of ONIC Esports regarding the reason for not sending Udil in the first week of MPL Season 5. Not finished with Udil this week, another star player from a top team is missing. namely RRQ Lemons.

Lemon himself was not featured in the two matches of the RRQ Hoshi team this week, namely against the Geek Fam team, and also Alter Ego. By not playing the mage king, the performance of the team made by sir “AP” this has decreased significantly compared to their game in the first week.

With no Lemon in the RRQ squad, as well as Udil being unable to defend the yellow hedgehog team, can the two teams who have won the title of champion in this tournament achieve brilliant results in the second week of MPL Indonesia Season 5?, here are the full results.

Friday, September 14, 2022

Saturday, September 15, 2022

Sunday, September 16, 2022

MPL Indonesia Season 5 Week 2 temporary standings