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Mousesports Wins 2022 CS:GO ICE Challenge Tournament

Mousesports managed to win their first Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament at the beginning of 2022. They managed to end a fierce competition from a team that was quite well-seeded in this CS:GO ICE Challenge tournament.

Match details

Joined in group A along with 3 other teams, Virtus Pro, Heroic, and Mad Lions, Mousesports managed to win the group without any significant obstacles.

After successfully winning in group A, the Mousesports team again challenged the winner from group B, the Na’Vi team. The final round will be held in the BO5 game format.

Playing on Map Duts 2 the Mousesports team managed to win the first game quite convincingly. Entering the second game again, the Na’Vi team failed to stop their defeat in this second game. The Na’Vi team, which had suffered two initial defeats in this tournament, tried to get up in the third game, as a result they managed to win this game and forced the Mousesports team to postpone their championship celebration.

Entering the fourth game on Map Nuke, Na’Vi tried to suppress the aggressiveness of the game from the Mousesports team, but their efforts did not bear fruit, and even made them lose hope of winning the CS:GO ICE Chellenge 2022 tournament, with a victory in the game. 4th this ensured that Mousesports managed to become the champion in this tournament.

With this victory, Mousesports received a prize of US$ 125,000, or the equivalent of 1.7 billion Rupiah. Meanwhile, the Na’Vi team, who had to settle for second place, received a prize of US$ 50,000, or the equivalent of 682 million Rupiah.