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Momokuri's New Manga About Vampire Boys

Dafunda Otaku – Mangaka Kurose launched a new manga titled Miseinen wa Kyuuketsu Kinshi Desu! (You Can’t Suck Blood From Minors!) in app Manga Mee belongs to Shueisha on the day Sunday. This manga will get a new chapter every Sunday.

Kyuuketsu Kinshi Desu!

Story Miseinen wa Kyuuketsu Kinshi Desu! centered on Yoshikage Muroii, a young vampire, who was raised by his father to be kind to others and never to suck the blood of a minor, and has lived by those principles his whole life. When he entered high school, he started living alone for the first time. Through a special chat application for vampires, Yoshikage know someone named “Spider-san”, and arrange a meeting with that person. Though “Spider-san” featured as male online, Yoshikage even met girl of the same age with him.

Kurose has launched manga Momokuri in the free comic app Comico on the moon September 2014and has ended in the month December 2022. Taibundo Publishing has printed and released 8 Volumes for the manga.

Momokuri Manga

Manga Momokuri got an anime adaptation that originally debuted online in December 2015but finally got TV views in the month September 2022. The anime is also streaming on Crunchyroll.

Source : Comic Natalie & ANN