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Mobile Legends Latest Patch Update 1.5.62

Moonton, as the developer of Mobile Legends, has leaked the latest patch update for Mobile Legends 1.5.62. In this update, a number of meta heroes will receive adjustments. For example, Brody, his ability can indeed be said to be unreasonable.

Armed with only one damage, he can tear apart the opponent. Because it was considered too OP, Moonton finally gave a nerf. Other Meta heroes are also hit by adjustments such as Benedetta, and 4 others.

Brody Gets Nerf Big Enough

Latest Patch Update Mobile Legends 1.5.62

What is quite horrendous in the latest Mobile Legends 1.5.62 patch update is Brody. Since it was first released, its power has indeed been very OP even too OP.

The base damage is very painful, besides that the cc is also very dangerous for him who is a marksman hero. Ultimate is also so terrible.

That’s what makes Brody a subscription pick during tournaments. His damage is so great that he is suitable to be placed in any position. From Sidelaner to even tanks.

Because of his ability that is too OP, no wonder in competitive or ranked mode, this hero becomes the main target in the ban. That’s because Brody is very difficult for the opponent and the opponent also has difficulty reading his role because of his flexible nature.

Don’t be surprised if it’s ranked or competitive, Brody is a tire subscriber. Apart from the fact that the opponent will find it difficult to read his role, wherever he plays it will always be difficult.

Om Wawa, one of the analysts once said that Brody is a very Broken hero. The damage is still terrible even when using tank items.

Many players also ask for this hero to be given nerf to be on par with other heroes. And, this player’s request was granted by Moonton.

In the latest patch update for Mobile Legends 1.5.62, Brody got a pretty big nerf that would even kick him out of Meta.

Adjustments made include the use of defense. Brody’s damage is not great when he makes defense items.

Physical attack is also affected by adjustments, in this case it drops to 10 which was originally 13.5. The stun skill of this hero is also reduced, to only 0.8 seconds which was originally 1.2 seconds.

The last nerf is given to his ultimate where Brody’s base damage decreases. What was originally 400-600 to 300-540.

The buff given is only the Physical Attack bonus, which was initially 100 percent to 180 percent. Apparently, the massive nerf given to Brody will make this one hero no longer popular and subscriptions are picked.

Tournament Subscription Hero Affected by Nerf

Besides Brody, it seems Moonton also gave Nerf to META heroes who are tournament subscriptions. Call it Benedetta, Esmeralda to Silvanna. Not to forget Yi Sun Shin and Wanwan.



Silvanna, who has recently been used as a tank or support, was also hit by a nerf. The hero who brought Alter Ego to the MPL Invitational Season 2 champions got an adjustment from his basic power.

Very suitable, considering the damage to this hero is terrible, even though it does not create item damage.


Latest Patch Update Mobile Legends 1.5.62

Benedetta will get an additional cooldown on his 1st skill. Flexibility is also reduced. Meanwhile, the ultimate cooldown also gets an increase in duration.

This makes Benedetta will need more build items. Especially with the percentage of ultimate damage from equipment that is increased.

Benedetta’s hero flexibility will be reduced and the cooldown of skill 1 added.

Before getting nerfed, Benedetta was really troublesome for the opponent. The passive skill can be used for ganking from behind to chase enemies.

Now, thanks to the use of longer skills, this hero seems to need more calculations when diving into the opponent’s defense.


Apparently, this Esmeralda has become a nerf subscription. This time, an adjustment is made to his damage where this hero’s damage will be reduced.

However, it doesn’t seem to have much effect because most players prefer to use defense or durability items. While the magic attack item is only made one.

Yi Sun Shin

Next, there is Yi Sun Shin who gets an adjustment in terms of damage power. During the early game, the burst damage from his passive skill allows him to grab the turret objective quickly.


Finally, there is Wanwan the marksman who is nerfed at the damage output. His laning ability is indeed dangerous, both when fighting hero fighters or when entering the late game.

After getting more reasonable damage, this hero will be more balanced and in line with other marksman.

In addition to the tournament subscription meta hero above, there is a hero who gets an adjustment in the form of a buff, namely Terzila. The role of the hero in the future will approach the fighter. The passive skill’s damage reduction limit will be reduced.

The ultimate cooldown of this hero will also get a reduction. His 2nd skill will increase the percentage of damage to minions when level increases.

Well, that’s information about the latest Mobile Legends 1.5.62 patch update. It seems that the pick or tire subscription hero will shift after a number of META heroes above are nerfed.