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MLBB Division Aura Fire - News and Game Guide

Aura Fire MLBB Division – Aura was created with the idea that people should fight and fight for their fire within it, it’s more than winning, it’s more than a game, it’s about the dormant fire within all of us.

We fight for the fire within us. It means, fighting for our dreams, fighting for what makes us happy, striving to continuously improve ourselves.

Because we believe that fighting for what we believe in together with like-minded people can truly achieve our goals.

Aura Fire MLBB Division Season 6-7

In the 6th season, Aura Fire released a roster of minimal contributions, namely Khael, Susu Gajah, Darkness, and it was quite surprising when they decided to part with the mainstay player, Phoenix.

Instead, Aura Fire, who had lowered God1va to the second caste or MDL ID, this time again promoted the player in MPL. Management also collaborated with Kabuki in MPL ID Season 7.

But at the beginning of the MPL 6 season, the team also played without direction. They haven’t even won a single game out of every opponent they’ve faced.

Aura Fire had a very disappointing start to the season. They were crushed by the teams in MPL until their ranking dropped drastically from the previous season.

In MPL ID Season 7 yesterday, AURA FIRE was really down. The team was not even able to win though. As a result, this team did not qualify for the playoffs by occupying the lowest position in the regular standings.

Hopefully in the future AURA FIRE can play even better so that it can fight back and sometimes score winning points. It’s a big PR for this team why not being able to get up just once to score the winning goal.

Some say that the cause is the loss of Clover and the changing meta of the game. But until season 7 is over, they haven’t even scored a score, maybe they haven’t found chemistry or gameplay or other causes.


  • 1st Place, Brasco Champion League Season 1
  • 1st Place, Ramadhan Level Up
  • 1st Place, IPWC Series 8
  • 6th Place, MPL ID Season 4
  • 7th Place, MPL ID Season 5