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MLBB Creator Camp, What is it and How to Register?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or MLBB Creator Camp was officially introduced by Moonton as the developer of this game.

With the aim of facilitating the Mobile Legends community consisting of streamers, gamers, pro players, tutorial masters and so on. What is Creator Camp and how is it listed? Read this article to the end!

What is MLBB Creator Camp

MLBB Creator Camp, What is it and How to Register?

This is one of the events held by Moonton which provides opportunities for the MLBB community who want to participate in the creative industry.

Later, they are required to create content about Mobile Legends. It can be live streaming, tutorials, cosplay, memes, and other creative content.

Benefits of Joining the MLBB Creator Camp

MCC rewards

There are many benefits that you can get by joining the Creator Camp event held by Moonton.

The first and the most interesting is the opportunity to get prizes in the form of diamonds and limited edition skins.

You also have the opportunity to get Advanced Server access every time Moonton releases new content every week.

In addition to the in-game prizes, there are also outside-game prizes that are certainly very interesting and targeted.

Namely, you have the opportunity to get a monthly salary in the form of diamonds, the in-game profile will also get a verified certification.

Later, the content created and sent to this event will receive appreciation from Moonton. And it will also be displayed on the official MLBB page from Facebook, Instagram to the Creator Camp special Discord event.

Interesting for sure, the creators will be more motivated and enthusiastic to produce unique and interesting content.

How to Register MLBB Creator Camp

For those of you who are interested in joining this event. There are three conditions set by Moonton. Here are the conditions:

  1. Have a channel or account on Facebook, Instagram, YouTubue or Tiktok
  2. Mobile Legends loyal gamers
  3. Original and homemade content

Simple isn’t it complicated? Later the content will also be reviewed based on creativity, style and number of impressions.

Each content created will also be classified by ranking. Starting from Top Work which will give a prize of 500 diamonds.

Below that, there is a rank Excellent Work which will reward 150 diamonds. And the bottom one is 50 diamonds when the creator publishes his first work.

If you are interested in joining this MLBB Creator Camp event, just join their Discord server, click here to join.

How much is the quota?

Wow, Moonton is very good because this event does not apply a maximum quota. This means that all of you can participate in the event that is being held this time without any participant restrictions!

I Don’t Have Experience Creating Content, What’s Up?

creator academy

Take it easy, for those of you who have never created content, there will be Creator Academy who will teach you from the basics.

Later, there will be material on how to make video editing, interesting thumbnails and other bombastic content!

Creator Camp is the perfect opportunity for those of you who aspire to be content creators while playing the games they love.

With hard work and a little luck, you will love it and turn it into a hobby or even a profession!