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MLBB All Star 2022 Starts, Support Your Idol and Get Free Skins!

MLBB All Star 2022 is here again by inviting Mobile Legends game lovers to provide support to their idol pro players. Not only pro players, you can also choose game influencers, KOL, Fans Club and Cosplayers.

Being able to see the excitement of MLBB stars competing in one game is definitely exciting. Later you have the opportunity to get Selena, Brody and Chou skins.

How to Participate in the 2022 MLBB All Star Event

Here’s how to participate in the 2022 MLBB All Star event. It’s easy!

  • To vote, first you need to go to the 515 party website. Click here
  • Next, login with your Mobile Legends account
  • To get additional Star Points, you can download your friends
  • If the points have reached 50 and 100, you can exchange them for an All Star Giftpack which will give you the opportunity to get free skins.
  • You can also buy Fruit Tea at Alfamart to get All Star points. Don’t know about the Fruit Tea x MLBB collaboration? Read here: Fruit Tea x Mobile Legends Collaboration, Get Free Skins

When does it start and end?

MLBB All Star voting starts on September 12 at 15.00 and will end on September 25, 2022 at 15.00.

There is a choice of pro players from eight teams, namely Alter Ego, EVOS Legends, Geek Fam, RRQ Hoshi, Onic Esports, Aura Fire and Genflix Aerowolf. There are a total of 36 pro players, 17 influencers and 20 cosplayers for you to choose from.

Later, only eight candidates from the pro player category and four from the influencer and cosplayer categories will have the opportunity to play in MLBB All Star.

Every day MLBB users will get 12 votes, 8 votes for the pro player category and 4 votes for the influencer category.

There will also be an MLBB Fan Club of The Year award. This award will later be given to the official fan club of the pro team that competed in MPL ID Season 7.

You can check the number of votes that have been collected here.

The 2 candidates with the most votes will become the team captains. The captain has the right to choose 5 team members based on top 7 pro players and top 3 influencers (KOL).

Later, the two selected teams will compete online on September 26 at the MLBB 515 ALL Star eParty 2022 event.