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Mita Movo Lata in Genshin Impact, What Does It Mean?

Mita movo lata in Genshin Impact is something to be asked of hilichurl. Yes, this is quite strange considering that players will be exclusively spending time with hilichurl fighting them instead of chatting.

However, apart from that, this must be done on the first day of Mimi Tomo’s Genshin Impact event if you don’t want to miss the prize.

Players must have adventure rank 20, Mimi Tomo will see you and Ella Musk, the hilicurlian expert looking for “unusual hills” by talking to him.

To do so, players must learn a new dialect with the help of Ella’s Handy Hanbook of Hilichurlian. First, players will be asked to “mita movo lata” in exchange for hints.

That’s what allows you to complete the Genshin Impact Mutual Exchange quest.

Genshin Impact Mita Movo Lata: What Does Hilichurl Want?

During Mimi Tomo, travelers will interact with seven hilichurls in Sighting Events which are broadcast live during the event.

You can find the location in the event menu. First, you will be taken to Starsnatch Cliff. Here, players will find some hilichurls which are not all friendly.

Approach one by one and if they are ready to fight, then he is not the informant to be sought. When you find the “hungry hilichurl” you are looking for, the words “Mi muhe mita, mita movo lata” will appear. What does Mita Movo Lata really mean in Genshin Impact?

You can find the answer in the handbook that Ella gave earlier. But if it’s still stuck, here’s what the hilichurl asks for:

Mita movo lata means ‘meat in the water’. Fish or crab, in other words.

If you have one of these items in your inventory, submit it for the clues you need to continue your hunt for the unusual hilichurl.

If you don’t have fish, you can pick them up in most of Teyvat’s waters. Just use your bow to get it.

The information provided to you by that hilichurl will lead to one of his friends who knows more about the unusual hillichurl you are looking for.

For this reason, you will be needed again as a beginner hilichurl translator. So, continue to follow other Mimi Tomo guides so that you can complete missions and get rewards.

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