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Mimi Tomo Genshin Impact Event : How To Participate And Get The Furniture Blueprint

The Mimi Tomo Genshin Impact event will give travelers the opportunity to get Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit, and many more.

Mimi Tomo Genshin Impact Event Release Date

The Mimi Tomo event is present at Genshin Impact on 27 September to 6 September 2022. Any player with an adventure rank of 20 or more can participate in the event.

Event Details

The Mimi Tomo event requires players to investigate seven different sighting locations for the “Unusual Hilichurl”.

However, it should be noted that all locations will open gradually. Starting with one location, players will be presented with additional locations each day.

While this event will be available in-game until September 6th, players are advised to investigate the seven different locations as soon as possible.

It was because players would get more information regarding the existence of the “unusual Hilichurl”.

Players can receive additional help from Hillichurlian expert Ella Musk to find hillichurls that are open to communicating.

After communicating with the hilichurl, the player will receive a request or task to be completed.

Once the task is completed, players will receive additional information regarding the approximate location and time of appearance of the “Unusual Hillichurl”

Players need to track down these Hilichurls for a period of time and defeat them to get rewards from the Mimi Tomo Genshin Impact event.

One of the prizes is the Liyue-style Furniture Blueprint or Blueprint. After the event ends at 03:59:59 on September 6, each player who completes the event-specific mission will receive an additional mission, “The Lost Hills,” from Katheryne in Mondstadt.

Completing the Lost Hilichurl quest will give players additional rewards. However, Mihoyo has not revealed more details about the additional Lost Hillhurl event at Genshi Impact.

Perhaps, players need to wait and complete the missions in the Mimi Tomo Event to get involved and participate then find out about the Lost Hilichurl mission.

For guidance on completing events such as locations, Hilichurl dictionaries, to rewards in the form of bluepints, you can visit gamewith at