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MiHoYo Announces That Genshin Impact Can Be Played On PS4 This Fall!

Genshin Impact is one of the games that many players have been waiting for because this action game has its own phenomenon and charm. Previously, this game was only announced for PC and Android/iOS but it got a lot of controversy because miHoYo as the game developer confirmed the PlayStation 4 version. Causing some Nintendo fanatics to be furious because it was judged that the Genshin Impact game was quite similar to Zelda and was not present on their favorite platform. However, it seems that the miHoYo officials heard the issue and announced that Genshin Impact will also be present on the Switch.

Unfortunately, there is no complete clarity on when the game’s release date will be. However, miHoYo previously announced that for the PC platform, Android/iOS will be available before October and for the PlayStation 4 console, it has been announced that it will be ready to be played this year and will be released in the fall of 2022. Later, players will be able to meet each other considering the game. It features a crossplay system which means that both PS4, PC, Android and iOS players will meet in the game.


For those of you who want to play the RPG action game wrapped in co-op, you don’t have to worry about spending a budget, because this game is free-to-play. What do you think, gamezero friends, will the cross play feature make the game balanced? You can see the Genshin Impact update later here.