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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 Comes with 10 DVDs

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the games that is currently in the final stages of development and its presence has been eagerly awaited by gamers. Apart from its status as a simulation game, it is undeniable that from some of the screenshots on display, the graphics of this game are very attractive.

The specifications for playing this game are also great. Not only VGA and processors must be high, in fact, this game also takes up quite a large amount of storage space. According to Eurogamer, the physical version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 is rumored to reach 10 DVD discs. And the contents of this cassette are just the base game, not including future updates and expansions.

Later, players will be given the freedom to explore the world in this game. In addition, the cycle of day and night in this game is also made as realistic as possible. So if there are gamers who have a complete aircraft control room setup while playing this game on a super large screen, the sensation felt is almost 100 percent the same as controlling a real plane. Cool isn’t it?