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Microsoft Critically Criticizes Facebook's Free Internet App

Microsoft is a technology company currently engaged in Services and production. This time there was a negative comment that was conveyed by the Microsoft regional boss of India, namely Bashkar Pramani who criticized Facebook’s free Internet service.

According to Bashkar, the social media giant called Facebook should not provide free Internet services with frills Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality that Facebook proposes?

Net Neutrality is the principle used to require Internet access providers and governments to treat and apply all data equally and without any discrimination. And the free internet service from Facebook is part of Net Neutrality.

But the taste is different, as stated by barkshar:

“I don’t think Facebook’s actions have anything to do with net neutrality. They just help first time user to know the internet and have to call it that,” he explained.

Yes, Facebook should not say that they are doing a Neutral Internet campaign, but rather provide easy access for first-time users to be closer to the Internet. The impression is that Facebook is deceiving the public and government in the circulation of the Internet.

By using the application provided by Facebook, you can access several sites for free as long as it is within reasonable limits and based on applicable conditions. This free internet service from Facebook is named Free basics which is part of

In addition, the social media giant is also working with local operators from various countries to provide internet access at low prices. Indeed, this program is very helpful, but it is feared that if too much freedom is given, Facebook can control and control the Free Basics service.

That’s why India’s telecommunications regulator is currently ordering all operators to block access and is currently discussing the issue of price limits that may be charged to users.

“If users have to pay more because they have a package of their own choice of applications, then they are directed to a certain package because the operator says they will give it free, where is net neutrality?” asked Pramanik.

What do you think? do you agree with what the big boss of Microsoft India said, or even disagree with him? Give your opinion in the comments.