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Metacritic Changes Review System After The Last of Us Part II Kasus

Metacritic is one of the recommended websites for gamers to see and read reviews of a game from game critics. However, like a review site whose data is obtained from user input, such a system is often abused by irresponsible people by creating new accounts and creating fake reviews to damage ratings. One of the victims was The Last of Us Part II, which even had its rating destroyed just a day after its release, due to many gamers feeling angry and ultimately not giving an objective review.

And it seems that Metacritic learned from the case. To avoid review bombing in the future, they implemented a new system for User Score.

This new system has already been implemented in Ghost of Tsushima. New users can give a review after 36 hours since the game was released. The goal is to remind gamers to play the game first before leaving a review on the site, and to give a fair review.


Although it seems that such a system is still prone to manipulation, I think this new system is also effective in reducing review bombing in the future. What do you think?