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Messi Rejects Collab with PUBG? Fact Check

After the Free Fire x CR7 collaboration, the news of the PUBG x Messi collaboration began to blow. And is it true that Messi refuses to collaborate with PUBG? Check the facts below.

The Beginning of the PUBG x Messi Collaboration Issue Appears

The issue of PUBG’s collaboration with Messi began with the collaboration between Garena Free Fire x Cristian Ronaldo. Since then, many netizens have speculated that PUBG will collaborate with CR7’s rival, Messi?

Free Fire and PUBG itself can indeed be analogous to Ronaldo and Messi who are eternal rivals. Both games carry the Battle Royale genre but have different target markets.

Free Fire itself is more targeted at mid and low end smartphone users. While PUBG Mobile targets mid to high end smartphone users with fast performance.

However, both of them have the highest number of players. Free Fire and PUBG are even catching up to be the first popular game with the largest income.

Hoax that has been circulating for a long time

However, beyond that, the news of PUBG’s collaboration with Messi is just an issue. Until now, there has been no valid news regarding the collaboration. So the issue of Messi refusing Collab with PUBG is a hoax and cannot be trusted.

This issue has been circulating for a long time, precisely since December 2022. There was once news in a football media about the news of Messi refusing to collab with PUBG.

This of course makes netizens curious and looking for the facts, is it true? After we searched, the news sourced from CNN did not exist.

Messi Rejects Collab with PUBG?  Check the facts below

CNN also never made such news. That is, the news is only edited and made up by netizens who don’t like PUBG or other bad intentions.

Someone edited one of the news that appeared on the CNN Indonesia portal with the original title “Neymar’s Warm Message to Messi Ahead of Barcelona vs PSG”


Some parties may feel aggrieved by the news that Messi refused to collab with PUBG. Therefore, as a good citizen, you must be smart in filtering your reading.

Find out if it’s true, don’t just swallow it raw. Be sure to read news and information from credible sources.

Do not easily believe strange news like this because it is an issue created by people who don’t like it and just want to spread hatred.

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