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Manga In Hand Medical Gets Live Action Adaptation!

Company Kodansha announced today that, manga Ao Akato In Hand or it can also be called In Hand Medical will receive a live-action television adaptation starring Tomohisa Yamashita as the protagonist with the name Dr. Himokura. 47 year old director named Shunichi Hirano was one of the people who directed this series, and Yasuhiro Yoshida is one of the people who served as a scriptwriter.


Manga story In Hand Medical or Ao Akato In Hand it is centered on Dr. Himokura (protagonist), he is a genius doctor and he specializes in everything related to parasitic infections. Even though he is a rich and arrogant person, he is also experienced in various fields one of which is medical, and, he is always ready to handle the medical mysteries that he encounters every day, in fact, he is constantly looking for medical mysteries and that is what he really likes. .

In Hand Medical

Akato launch manga In Hand Medical this as a short mini-series in the magazine Kodansha Afternoon in September 2022. Company Kodansha who published the compiled book volume for manga in September 2022. And Akato who has launched this manga as a regular serialization manga on Evening last October.