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Mama MaDolay Who Is? Quote Netizens Say Whatever The Problem Mama Ma Dolay is the Witness

Who is Mama Madolay? – The world of pro-player Mobile Legends is currently heating up due to the emerging drama. The first is about BTR Branz, which is suspended and will certainly not be played at MSC due to a scandal during the live streaming of Nimo TV.

And recently, the world of Mobile Legends was stirred by RRQ Xinn, who was so angry that he slammed down his cellphone and PC. The reason is that his private pre-wedding photos are actually widespread.

Behind these two problems there is one name that always appears, namely an MLBB account named Mama Ma Dolay. Netizens are curious and find out who he is?

Mama MaDolay Goes Viral and Becomes a Trending Topic on Google Search



mama madolay

NimoTV/BTR Branz

From the two pro player cases above, Mama Ma Dolay’s name appeared. First, in the case of Braz who committed indecent acts during a Nimo TV live streaming session.

He forgot to turn off his mice so that it was discovered that Branz was breaking his fast in broad daylight. Until finally, he was sentenced by Bigetron Alpha and banned from participating in the official Moonton tournament anywhere for one month.

It was seen on the screen that Mama Madolay’s name invited Branz and Branz ignored the invitation while the scandal was going on even to the end.

The second case was experienced by RRQ Xinnn, when she furiously slammed her cellphone and PC in a livestreaming session, Mama Madolay’s name also appeared.

He again invited Xinn to play rank. Xinn ignored him because he was angry and definitely didn’t want to play MLBB.

Who Really is Mama Madolay?

Who is Mama Ma Dolay?

From these two cases, netizens are trying to find out who is the real figure behind Mama Madolay? After being traced through Nimo and Instagram, it turns out that Mama Madolay has an Instagram account with the username @ridwan.alfarisii.

He is known as Buluk and is the brand ambassador of the esports team Aerowolf Pro Team. He is known as a quality player.

This figure was originally known as IGN Groot and had become a mainstay of TCN. Then he entered the pro scene with Genflix Aerowolf and changed his name to Buluk.

Many netizens say that where there is Mama Ma Dolay there is a problem, whatever the problem is there is Mama Ma Dolay. Just like him, Conan, whenever he is there, there must be a problem.

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