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Luxurious Wild Rift Build 2022

Lux is a mage-type champion that is currently popular and widely used. This time, we will talk about the sickest Lux Wild Rift 2022 build. This champion is also quite popular among beginners because it is easy to use.

Even though it’s easy, if paired with a suitable build and rune, the skill can’t be maximized. Therefore, here we recommend the sickest Lux Build Wild Rift which we have summarized from the official LoL Wild Rift source.

Build Lux ​​Wild Rift hurts

1. Luden’s Eco

Luxurious Wild Rift Build 2021


+80 Ability Power

+300 Max Mana

+10 Cooldown Reduction

The first item that can be purchased is Luden’s Eco. This item will give strength to Lux while in the early game. That’s because there is an increase of 80 ability poweradditional 300 where and 10% cooldown reduction.

As for his passive skill, this item will give Lux 100 bonus magic damage if he can collect 100 stacks either by moving or issuing his abilities.

2. Awakened Soulstealer

Awakened Soulstealer

+65 Ability Power

+200 Max Mana

+25 Ability Haste

This item is useful for providing cooldown reduction on the ultimate Lux. The passive effect is in the form of reducing the ultimate skill cooldown by 3% every time Lux defeats an opponent.

The effect of this item can be increased up to 5x and the total cooldown reduction is up to 15%.

3. Ionian Boots Of Lucidity

Ionian Boots Of Lucidity


+40 Move speed

+15 Ability Haste

Reduces Summoner spell cooldowns by 10%.

When it comes to shoes, Ionian Boots of Ludicity is recommended to buy. This item will give Lux an additional cooldown of 10%.

This was quite helpful for Lux as a mage. Moreover, it is supported by a deadly combo thanks to the skills it has.

4. Rabadon’s Deathcap

Rabadon's Deathcap


+130 Ability Power

To make the opponent unable to do much, Rabadon’s Deathcap must be purchased. Although the price is quite expensive, namely 3500 gold, it is very worth it because it offers an additional 130 ability power.

This item also has a passive effect which adds 40% ability power. With this, even a tank class would have a hard time withstanding the attacks Lux gave because they had extras ability power bigger than Rabadon’s Deathcap.

5. Void Staff

void staff


+70 Ability Power

This item is very useful for Lux upon entering late game. Void Staff will make Lux’s damage difficult to penetrate thanks to the additional 70 and 40% ability power magic penetration.

6. Infinity Orb

Infinity Orb

+200 Max Health

+60 Ability Power

The last Lux Wild Rift build that must be purchased is the Infinity Orb. Later, Lux will get an additional 200 HP and 60 Ability power.

While passive, this item will provide an additional 15 magic penetration and movement speed of 5%. Another passive is a critical damage bonus of 20% for opponents with HP below 35%.

Rune Lux Wild Rift

As for the runes, the first is Electrocute where Lux desperately needed bust damage to subvert the opponent.

Next for rune domination, use Brutal. The effect will give Lux bonus ability power 14 and magic resist 2%.

Furthermore, Lux could use Regeneration so that it becomes more sustainable in the lane. That’s because his passive skill is able to regenerate 2% HP every 3 seconds.

The last rune, you can use Manaflow Band which will give you additional Twisted Fate 30 with a maximum of 300 mana. This happened when Lux managed to subdue an opponent with his ability or empoered attack.

Well, that’s the sickest 2022 Lux Wild Rift build and the runes from the Champions Website. Stay tuned for more information about esports by following us on Instagram or Facebook.