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Lost Ark Roadmap Removed After Release for Adjustments

Lost Ark Roadmap launched and was quickly pulled by several other outlets. It was because of Smilegate’s need to change its content based on player progress data.

It is said that Lost Ark will be an understatement game, despite the delay of launch day, nearly 5 million new accounts have been created since the game first released in the West a few weeks ago.

Since then, the developers have been revealing content for the September 2022 update. Now, it seems the roadmap for the game has leaked a bit earlier.

What is the Lost Ark Roadmap Leak?

Before we dive into the leaked Lost Ark roadmap, there’s an important caveat. Smilegate and Amazon Games have pulled it after its public release for a very good reason.

Everything is subject to change, so we can’t say for sure what aspects of the upcoming roadmap are locked in.

Please note that we are making adjustments to our upcoming content roadmap based on player progress data, so what you see may be subject to change,” reads a forum post from Roxx, Community Manager (via Reddit). “We will share an updated roadmap soon.”