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Location of Wood and Trees in Genshin Impact and How to Get It

Where and how to get wood and trees in Genshin Impact – Now you can have your own home in Genshin Impact, a la Animal Crossing. The only drawback is that you need to complete it yourself.

You can build furniture using wood taken from trees. Each piece of furniture requires a different type of wood, meaning you have to harvest a different tree.

How to Get Genshin Impact Wood

To get wood, you need to go to the tree according to the type of wood you want. Then, attack or hit the tree.

Automatically, the wood will go into the bag without you needing to take it. Usually, one tree will produce three logs. It should also be noted that not all trees can be nailed.

Location of Wood and Trees at Genshin Impact

Each type of wood can be obtained from trees with different types. In the current version, there are about 7 types of wood that you can collect. Each tree can only be harvested once a day.

Birch Wood – Birch Tree

Where and How to Get Wood at Genshin Impact

Birtch trees have yellow or light green cone-shaped leaves with white trunks.

They could easily be cultivated in Mondstadt’s Windtail Highland or right in front of the Dawn Winery.

Many of these trees are found in Mondstadt, but you can find some on the border between Mondstadt and Liyue.

Location of Wood and Trees at Genshin Impact – Cuihua Wood – Cuihua Tree


Cuihua trees have large round leaves and they often have fruit like Sunsettia hanging from them.

If you see fruit on a tree, you most likely have found Cuihua. You can find the tree in Mondstadt and Liyue, but the best place to farm may be outside the city of Mondstadt.

You need to find some Cuihua around the city limits and three Cuihua trees just before the bridge to the city.

Fragrant Cedar Wood – Cedar Pohon

Where and How to Get Wood at Genshin Impact

The cedar is a large tree with many branches. Each branch has a small circle of leaves.

You can find Cedar trees all over Mondstadt. If you go east of the Seven Statues on Lake Starfell, you can find a large number of Cedar trees.

If you follow the path to the south of the same statue, you will find another collection of Cedar trees.

Location of Wood and Trees in Genshin Impact – Fir Wood – Fir Trees

fir wood

Evergreen trees are noted for featuring slender trunks and branches complemented by needle-like leaves to create a “poof” shape.

You can find cypress trees all over Mondstadt and Liyue. They grow the most between Windrise and Springvale in Mondstadt.

Pine Wood


Pine Wood can be found exclusively in Dragonspine. Almost every tree on the snowy mountain is a pine tree.

You can tell a pine tree from other wood wonders by looking at its distinct green color and lack of leaf growth.

The green color that covers the brown stems looks rare. The tree will also be covered in snow due to its location in Dragonspine.

Sandbearer Wood – Sandbearer Tree


The Sandbearer tree displays bright orange foliage that is naturally more visible at the top, leaving a slender white trunk that is moderately exposed.

You can only find these trees in Liyue. They are easy to spot if you get to Mt. Tianheng who was outside Liyue Port. You can also try exploring the top of Mt. Aozang.

Location of Wood and Trees in Genshin Impact – Bamboo Segment – ​​Qingce Bamboo Tree


Qingce Bamboo is the easiest tree to find. You can find it in Liyue in the shape of tall and thin green bamboo trees scattered all over the country.

If you see the trees there, it’s almost certain they are bamboo sticks. The best place to farm Qingce Bamboo is in the center of Qingce Village.

Teleport to the waypoint located in the village and you will soon see lots of bamboo sticks. When you’re done, head to colorful plantlife to see more bamboo sticks.

Well, that’s how to get wood at Genshin Impact along with the location details. September be useful.

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