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Location of Praetor Rykard and Serpent Hunter or Serpent-Slaying Spear Elden Ring

With so many quests you can do in the Elden Ring, there’s a questline that requires you to do some rather dirty work if you promise to Volcano Manor.

You are actually required to carry out several assassinations on other Tarnished to show your loyalty to this group.

Your main task is to find and kill the Serpent King. There are two paths to get here. It is the location of the Lord’s Chamber, where Rykard lives, in the Elden Ring.

Location of Lord’s Chamber in Elden Ring

This boss can be found in a place called Audience Pathway. A site of grace exists as a means of easy access to this battle.

You can access it by running Tanith’s task of killing Old Knight Istvan, Rileigh the Idle, and Juno Hoslow. After defeating all three, he will give you the option of seeing God [Rykard] or not.

It doesn’t matter what you choose here. Seeing it will move you to the designated arena. Choosing for means, you can save the first option for later.