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Location of Golden Seed Elden Ring

In this Golden Seed Elden Ring guide, we will show you the location of three Golden Seeds in the West Limgrave area of ​​the world, the first place you will explore.

Golden Seeds are consumable items that you will spend on sites of grace to add Sacred Flasks upgrades with added usability. Picking up some of them early will give you a big advantage.

Location of Golden Seed Elden Ring

There are three (or four) Golden Seeds available in the West Limgrave region. The first, which we didn’t include in the map, is available as a keepsake during character creation.

Others are located at or near Fringefolk Hero’s Cave (1), Stormgate (2), and the Secluded Cell site of grace in Stormveil Castle (3).

Location of Golden Seed Elden Ring

1. Location of the Golden Seed Near Fringefolk Hero’s Cave

The first golden seed you may encounter seems too difficult to handle for a very long time.

You must enter the Fringefolk Hero’s Cave using two Stonesword Keys (which you can choose as a keepsake or you will eventually find in the world).

Next, you need to navigate poison and traps, then defeat the dungeon boss, Ulcerated Tree Spirit. You will get a Golden Seed as a reward for defeating him.