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Location of Cast Lapis Genshin Impact

Travelers looking to farm Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact should be pleased to know that 142 of them appeared in Liyue, with five additional coming from one merchant.

These were Ascension Materials for Chongyun, Keqing, and Zhongli, as well as items used in several recipes. This item is technically ore, so Travelers are advised to use a Claymore or Geo user to solve it quickly.

Location of Cast Lapis Genshin Impact

Location of Cast Lapis Genshin Impact

The map above shows all the locations to find Cor Lapis. It was only available in Liyue, as it was considered a special local item there.

It is quite easy to find, especially if players have a general understanding of how to cross Liyue.

Qiqi and Yanfei’s Utility Passive will work to reveal these ores in the minimap. But it should be noted that it shows all the Local Specialties of Liyue.

As such, it can redirect players to another Local Specialty if it’s just following it and not an interactive map.

Their passive can still help the traveler get a general idea of ​​where the nearest Local Specialty is on the minimap (in the form of a little white hand). Using it in conjunction with an interactive map makes it easier for you to farm.

In comparison, Ningguang’s passive, Trove of Marvelous Treasures, doesn’t work with Cor Lapis. This passive only works with non-Local Specialties, though it’s still useful as a Geo user who can easily break rocks.