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Location of the Broken Stone Tablet (Enigma Bunkoku) Genshin Impact

The Bunkoku Enigma sidequest in Genshin Impact is available during the Three Realms Gateway Offering event. You will have access to it after meeting Tsumi and getting the Bokuso Box.

From there, a marker will appear and you need to talk to an NPC named Yabe. This is the Genshin Impact Bunkoku Enigma guide that will help you pick up all the quest items and complete them all.

Broken Stone Tablet (Enigma Bunkoku) Location Guide Genshin Impact – Northwest Area

Let’s go over the first few steps in the Bunkoku Enigma Genshin Impact sidequest, as well as the slate and puzzles found in the northwest area.

After talking to Yabe, you will see a marker pointing you to the side of the temple. Upon entering, you will see a lever and a strange mural on the ceiling (seen in the image below).


When you return to the top, you can enter a narrow hole to find a strange mechanical device (shown in the image below).


Unfortunately, you can’t do anything with this yet because we still need to find the slate. If you open the Enkanomiya map, you will see quest marks for all three locations if you are tracking the quest.

The Narrows – Library

Go to the outlined northwest area. This is actually the Library where the traveler once collected the Five Lost Books.