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Letda Free Fire (FF) Shoes Present at the Carnival Event, Here's a Spin Trick To Get It

Letda Free Fire (FF) shoes – Free Fire seems to never run out of interesting events. Starting today, FF has an interesting event called Carnival Paradise.

In this event, there is a Chrono top Scrorer bundle and a variety of interesting soccer jerseys. There are also Letda Hyper gold shoes that fans have been waiting for.

Carnival Paradise FF Event Events

The Carnival Paradise event comes by offering a Chrono Top Scrorer bundle and soccer jersey. This event will take place from September 28 to September 3, 2022.

How to play this Carnival Paradise event is to do a spin to break the balloon. Inside the burst balloon is a token.

To be able to break 1 balloon, you need to buy it with 25 diamonds or just buy 225 diamonds for 10 balloons.

The tokens collected from the broken balloons can later be used to buy the Chrono Top Scorer bundle and other items such as the Letda Shoes.

Letda Free Fire (FF) Shoe Hockey Spin Trick

Letda herself is one of the content creators who was once the best Free Fire player. His gaming skills cannot be underestimated.

In this event, Letda’s legendary golden shoes are here again. Here’s a spin trick to get it and collect as many coins as possible.

  • Go to character and use Chrono or R7 character.
  • Then, go to the pet and deactivate the pet.
  • Next go to emote and if you have emote ball, just deactivate it or don’t use it first.
  • Next, go to PINS, the default is PINS. Continue by going to Avatar. You can use the Chrono avatar.
  • Continue by clicking on the background and defaulting to the background. Go to weapons and use the weapon in the lobby you are currently using.
  • Go to SMGS and deactivate weapons
  • Continue by going to Melee and deactivating the weapon skin
  • The point is, if you have a skin or weapon related to Chrono, just default it and don’t need to use any skin first
  • Then, go to events and news. Since this event has just been released
  • You can start popping balloons to collect tokens

Next, you can follow the guide given by Youtuber Gaming Yohan Bintara below.

Keep in mind, Tokens obtained from this Carnival Paradise event will automatically disappear after the event takes place. So, make sure Buddy Booyah to immediately exchange the tokens that are owned later.