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Let's get acquainted with Brimo.. What is Brimo?

What is Brimo

Brimo App – Many in the current era, big banks are starting to make banking applications to help make it easier for us to access and process transactions without having to leave the house. they make applications that are friendly and have a more modern and up-to-date interface like this brimo application.

What is Brimo?

BRIMO is an Internet Mobile Banking application from Bank of the Republic of Indonesia. Previously, BRI itself already had internet mobile banking, but Brimo itself is an internet mobile banking that has a more digital, modern and up-to-date appearance and interface features.

How to Register for Brimo?

So from my own experience, to create a Brimo account, you must have a BRI Bank account. So if you already have a BRI account, the following conditions must also be fulfilled:

  1. Have an Active Main Cellphone Number
  2. Have Credit
  3. Bring your BRI Account Book and ATM Card
  4. Bring ID
  5. Provide Internet Quota
  6. Install the Brimo APP on the cellphone
How to register for Brimo itself can be done at the nearest branch office, as for how to go through an atm, I don’t understand because at that time I went directly to the branch office which happened to be close to my house.

The following is a summary of the registration that Mimin did based on experience:

  1. The bank admin will register for an IBanking account (the above requirements will be asked later by the bank admin).
  2. The bank admin will activate the IB BRI
  3. Later, a Mtoken sms will be sent to your number, don’t delete it. later it will be asked by the bank admin who did the activation
  4. Later you will be asked to create a new username or userid
  5. Don’t forget the password
  6. Just Test Login at Brimo
  7. Done

Well, after the mtoken is activated the bank in ib bri, then you can login to brimo and brimo will be active.

What are the Uses of Brimo?

In general, brimo can be used like other internet mobile banking applications such as:

  1. You can transfer money to other banks or to other banks
  2. Buy Credit
  3. Pay Bill
  4. Topup Digital Wallet (Funds, Ovo, Links and more)
  5. Cash withdrawal
  6. Buying electricity tokens at brimo
  7. And many others

How to use the Brimo application itself is quite easy, and I think those who are experienced in the field of mobile banking will quickly understand how to use it.

Note: for those of you who experience errors such as the Brimo userid is blocked, the Brimo general error, and other errors, try updating the Brimo application first and please come to the nearest branch office to unblock the Brimo userid. or you can contact your favorite bri service.


more or less like that a little about the brimo application. I hope what Mimin conveys can be understood and if there are errors in the delivery, please give criticism and suggestions. If you have something to ask please write it in the comments.