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Left behind? Gaje Couple Season Three Has Been Released

Dafunda Otaku – After some time ago it was announced that it would be coming soon with a continuation, namely in its third season, the series Gaje Couple now it really can be followed by all of you. The Gaje Couple Season 3 has officially been released.

Gaje Couple Season Three Has Been Released!

A series that tells the story of the journey of life Adimas and Adelia in this marriage bond has officially been published on Line Weebtoon.

Pasutri Gaje itself is an abbreviated title for the Unclear Husband and Wife, a comic series written by a creator named Annisa Nisfihani it was published online for a total of 26 episodes later.

Dafunda Otaku's Gaje Couple
Visuals of the Comic: Gaje Couple Season 3

From comics that netizens enjoy on Facebook, now the Gaje Couple has been busy on the Line Webtoon, that’s cool. For those who want to follow the new season, read on this link. Is there anything you want to respond to?