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League of Legends Wild Rift Ranking : Everything You Need to Know

League of Legends Wild Rift’s ranking system and mode is one of the most important aspects of the game. Unlike the usual MOBA genre games, Wild Rift has more rank levels than the average.

There are about 10 tiers in the game with each tier having 4 sub tiers. The ranking system of this game is also somewhat more complex than most games. Here’s the explanation.

What is Wild Rift Ranked Mode?

League of Legends rank mode is one of the game modes in the game. Usually chosen by players who are serious about increasing rank points to prove themselves the best.

Players can open Ranked PVP after reaching level 10. So, players need to play PVP games continuously to be able to open ranked mode.

Tier Rank in Wild Rift

Rank League of Legends Wild Rift

There are at least ten ranks in Wild Rift with each rank having 4 levels. Except for the last 3 levels where promotions will be awarded according to the player’s skills in the game.

Here are the tier ranks in Lol Wild Rift:

Iron I, II, III, IV

Bronze I, II, III, IV

Silver I, II, III, IV

Gold I, II, III, IV

Platinum I, II, III, IV

Emerald I, II, III, IV

Diamonds I, II, III, IV




League of Legends Wild Rift Ranking System

Each rank from Iron to Emerald has a rank mark marked with a triangle logo around the rank symbol.

Every time you win a match, players will get a rank mark. Every rank from Iron to Emerald uses a Fortitude system that will protect players from losing rank marks.

Each level has a different mark to level up. For example, tier Iron, it takes 2 rank marks. Bronze and Silber 3 rank marks, tier gold 4 and Emerald require 5 rank marks.

The number of wins to go up per level is also different or known as the Promotion Series. For example, if you want to move up to Iron to Bronze, or Bronze to Silver, players need to complete 1 set of matches.

Here’s the explanation:

Iron and Bronze: it takes 2 wins to rank up, if you lose up to 3 times the player will fail to rank up

Silver to Diamond: it takes 3 wins, lose 3 times will fail

Master to Challenger: No rank promotion

Septemberbe you are wondering why there is no rank promotion from Master to Challenger? It was because the three of them used a ranking system based on Victory Points.

What are Victory Points?

To advance to each rank division from Master to Challenger, players must reach the target of 100 Victory Points and then proceed to the top tier.

Apart from wins, performance will be judged by how well players compete in the game. The points that will be won or lost depend on several factors, one of which is the skill in the team.

However, the number of Points you win or lose is determined by various factors, including the overall skill level of the players on both teams.

Players need to collect 100 Victory Points in order to advance to the next division. Please note, this point will decrease if the player is inactive for a long time.

Each Victory Point earned will bring the player closer to the Challenger and the player’s name will later be listed in the ranking on the leaderboards.

Well, that’s an explanation of the League of Legends Wild Rift rank. Hopefully it’s useful. Join the Champions Organizer free tournament by visiting