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Latest RRQ Hoshi Roster - News and Game Guide

New RRQ Hoshi Roster –

RRQ is a Professional Esports team that was founded in 2013, has one mission, which is to become the best Esports team in the world. Now has 8 game divisions on mobile, PC, and console with more than 200 achievements. MLBB RRQ players consist of the best players with high discipline who are ready and never underestimate all their opponents.

MPL Indonesia Season 7 (MPL ID Season 7) has ended. RRQ Hoshi’s journey in MPL Indonesia Season 7 has also been completed after being stopped in the Playoffs round. Facing a pack of wolves from Genflix Aerowolf, RRQ Hoshi must admit their opponent’s superiority in games third.

The final 1-2 result between RRQ Hoshi against Genflix Aerowolf is the result obtained after playing to the maximum. There are many things that may be missed or strategies that may not be right, but nothing is wasted in a struggle. Likewise, the series of matches that RRQ Hoshi underwent in MPL ID Season 7.

Judging from the journey of RRQ Hoshi in the previous seasons, it is not a short journey. Winning MPL Indonesia Season 2, RRQ Hoshi is predicted to be one of the strongest teams in the world esports Mobile Legends. However, MPL Indonesia Season 3 has not yet become a stage for RRQ Hoshi.

Runner Up MPL ID Season 4 & 1 and Winner of MPL ID Season 5

Even so, as a sports team, the results in the previous season did not become a measure of their strength. Therefore, RRQ Hoshi returned by showing their strength in MPL Indonesia Season 4 and M1 World Championship by becoming Runner-Up. Furthermore, even in MPL Indonesia Season 5, RRQ Hoshi managed to come out as champion.

MPL ID Season 6 Champion

Being the holder of two Indonesian MPL trophies, RRQ Hoshi’s journey has become even more difficult. Defending the championship title is not easy, plus there are changes roster what happened, made RRQ Hoshi quite difficult at the beginning of the MPL Indonesia Season 6.

However, RRQ Hoshi once again showed that the process is something to be enjoyed, not something to be forced. RRQ Hoshi proved that they can bring home the MPL Indonesia Season 6 trophy and make history as the first team to win twice in a row.

Stopped in the Playoffs MPL ID Season 7

Because of that, RRQ Hoshi went through the same process again in MPL ID Season 7. Substitution roster and coaches, changes in the style of play, to the right strategy adjustment to the current META, all are things that cannot be denied. However, this is a process that must be followed.

Even though it’s tough, accepting defeat and admitting the opponent’s superiority is also an important value in a competitive tournament. Accepting defeat is not a weakness, but realizing that there is still room for improvement. As a team as well as as individuals, defeat is a valuable lesson to know the biggest limits and obstacles that must be faced in the future.

RRQ Hoshi’s journey in MPL ID Season 7 has indeed ended. However, now is the time to keep looking ahead, seeing various challenges as opportunities to be better.