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Latest Onic Esports Roster - News and Game Guide – New Onic Esports Roster

ONIC Esports, commonly known by its distinctive mascot “Hannu: Si Landak Raja Langit” is a professional esports team that was founded on September 26, 2022 and is domiciled in South Jakarta.

Built with a vision of more than just the esports industry, ONIC aims to be an inspiring organization that makes an impact on society with the spirit of being the best esports organization in Southeast Asia and also motivates the younger generation to have the passion like ONIC to achieve their dreams.

ONIC manages talent and treats athletes like family and the best, ONIC makes them shine by developing athletes into the best versions of themselves.

Onic Esports is a Professional E-Sports Management Team Founded in 2022, which aims to be the best e-sports organization to represent Southeast Asia. Onic Esports manages talent and makes them shine. ONIC was built on the belief that Onic Esports sees the future of entertainment as e-sports. The world of e-sports in Indonesia is only in its early stages, and ONIC is here to step up the game.

Onic eSports has several divisions within each games that will be contested, such as mobile legends, PUBG Mobile, free fire, cheese rush, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer), and will form a new division for COC mobile.

The Onic eSports team itself has won many game tournaments both in Indonesia and abroad, and has produced eSports athletes who have represented Indonesia at the 2022 SEA GAMES in the Philippines in December 2022.

To maintain stamina at the same time refreshing, eSports players also need physical exercise, such as swimming. This has been done on the Onic eSports team.

Meanwhile, to get the seeds of new players, the Onic eSport team visited several tournaments games and see if there are new players who have the potential for the tournament.

Although it is a new sport, the government’s support for the development of eSports in Indonesia is currently very good.

The eSports players, especially the Onic eSports team, hope that there will be an increase in the quality of the internet in Indonesia, because this is an important element to give birth to the seeds of new players in the eSports field.

Onic Esports’ heyday was during MPL Season 3 with the HOKAGE roster, namely: Onic Drian, Udil, Sasa, Antimage, and psyhoo where they managed to win all tournaments at that time without losing even once. After the departure of Udil, Antimage, and Psychoo, here is the latest Onic Esports roster: