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Latest Genflix Aerowolf Roster - News and Game Guide

Latest Genflix Aerowolf Roster –

Latest Genflix Aerowolf Roster

Genflix Aerowolf was inaugurated on 20 September 2022. The Genflix Aerowolf line-up itself was announced on 23 September 2022 where this line-up was focused on MPL Indonesia Season 4. Genflix Aerowolf is a Mobile Legends team from Aerowolf Pro Team which has a partnership exclusive to the free and paid online video service (both streaming and download) known as Genflix. Aerowolf Pro Team itself is an esports team based in Jakarta, Indonesia, which has participated in more than 25 national and international championships.

Aerowolf is under Sahabat Utama Group. Sahabat Utama Group has business interests in retail, import and export, Apple development partners, human resource training, consulting and recruitment, as well as product development and as a marketing company for new generation products specializing in mobile application development and the esports industry. However, for MPL ID Season 7 this time, Kaesang, who uses the nickname Regime, was not included in the Genflix Aerowolf roster list. What’s even more interesting is that there is a veteran figure who has returned to Genflix Aerowolf. With the return of the veteran, it makes Genflix Aerowolf to be reckoned as a dark horse ready to surprise. The Genflix Aerowolf roster in 2022 won 3rd place which was his best achievement while playing in MPL. Their roster is:

  • Genflix Aerowolf Rinazmi
  • Genflix Aerowolf Watt
  • Genflix Aerowolf Clay
  • Genflix Aerowolf Bottle
  • Genflix Aerowolf Fredo

Update: In MPL 7 Season 3 Genflix Aerowolf got 3rd place which was his best achievement while playing in MPL.