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Latest Bigetron Alpha Roster - News and Game Guide – Bigetron Alpha roster

The journey of Team Mobile legend Bigetron eSports began in MpL season 1, The beginning of the emergence of the Bigetron team had shaken the world of Mobile Legend where bigetron gave birth to mobile legends stars who are now stars like Eiduart, Emperor, Rekt, and Fabiens. Bigetron eSports also never miss the MPL season, we always participate in every season until now.

In MPL season 3, Bigetron eSports made a major overhaul, starting with the transition of players from PC games to mobile legends, after doing a long tryout leaving 2 Bravo and DreamS players, Bravo and Dreams who were able to overcome and adapt to start a new journey with bigetron in MPL Season 3 qualifier with Vyn, Branz, Lynx, Xora, Taka, zoeybit.

And managed to qualify for the playoffs and emerged as a dark horse by defeating the reigning king RRQ in the playoffs. MPL season 4, Bigetron again qualified for the playoffs with several new players such as 3yy, Jo, and Hexazor, but unfortunately had to stop in the top 5.

Now in MPL season 5 we will show the best, after selecting talented players in Indonesia, we finally recruited 3 new players, kyy, Warlord and anissa, still the same as our young team and you can say S5 yesterday we surprised by dominating the top standings during the regular season and also our player Branz got the MVP of the regular season , but unfortunately at the time of the playoffs we slipped and only finished in the top 4 positions .

Now at MPL s6 we are back with a new formation, with the arrival of our old player after completing his education, namely TAKA, we also recruited a young Malaysian star, namely Rippo. and one of the stars who won MDL s1 is RENBO.