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Latest Alter Ego Roster Mobile Legends – Roster Alter Ego Mobile Legends

Alter Ego is a team that is nicknamed the dark horse but is slowly able to show its abilities over time. Starting from MPL S2, Alter Ego did not pass.

In MPL S3 Alter Ego increased his ranking to 5th position, and finally in MPL S4 Alter Ego managed to reach 3rd position. In MPL Season 6 it was not so satisfying but it turned into a terrible roster during the MPL Invitational One Esports which was held in November 2022.

Roster Alter Ego Mobile Legends – MPLI Champion

At the Southeast Asian level tournament, Alter Ego never even lost and managed to score a perfect score from the first day he played.

As a result, he brought home the One Esports MPLI trophy, a new title and a new idol for esports lovers. The team’s popularity has also increased, even surpassing RRQ Hoshi.

Sluggish in MPL ID Season 7

But unfortunately, in MPL ID Season 7, Alter Ego sluggish. He barely even made it to the final round. Alter Ego is not as fresh as it used to be. Presence patches new to week 4, makes Ahmad feel at nerf and started to experience a decrease in performance.

As one of the mainstay players from Alter Ego, Ahmad said in a question and answer session to the media in the fifth week when he successfully defeated Geek Fam. According to him, this condition has always been the same since MPL Season 4. Every time patches just appeared they always feel in nerf.

Not only that, NasiUduk, the coach also had an opinion. According to him, the decline in Alter Ego is indeed difficult to adapt quickly to patches latest.

Until the end of the regular season, they still couldn’t get up, in fact it could even be said that they were even worse off because they were defeated by an underdog team, such as Aerowolf, who managed to surprise this season.

According to R7, there are no changes in terms of the draft and gameplay of the Alter Ego players. Septemberbe this is what makes them always beatable in a few weeks of matches in the Regular Season.

Rumor has it, the CEO will do a massive roster overhaul and maybe a lot of new players will join.