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Lancelot Bren Esports Skin Leaks

For those of you who are true MLBB players, you must already know that Bren Esports will get a special edition skin for their victory in M2. This skin will be presented for Lancelot’s hero, this leak of Lancelot Bren Esports skin has been circulating.

Indeed, initially, the team from the Philippines asked for an exclusive skin for Chou. However, after voting on the Facebook page, fans were asked to choose between Chou and Lancelot. Apparently, most netizens voted for Lancelot with a total of 205 votes. While Chou only 75 thousand votes.

Lancelot Bren Esports Skin Appearance

Lancelot Bren Esports Skin Leaks

For the leaked Lancelot Bren Esports skin, it looks like the photo posted above. However, it is currently still in the working stage.

When viewed from the appearance and design of this skin, at first glance it is similar to the existing Lancelot hero skin. The color is almost the same and in terms of the design of the sword it is also the same as the skin hero Lancelot.

This leaves players wondering and hoping this design is changed. Indeed, this is still just a leak.

However, if it’s true, fans will probably be disappointed because this exclusive Lancelot Bren Esports skin is almost the same as Lance’s skin hero.

skin lancelot m2

Build Lancelot a la Bren KarlTzy

Build Lancelot a la Bren KarlTzy

Lancelot himself is still an OP hero, even in the M2 World Championship it is still used. For those who want to use Lancelot like a pro player as well as MVP M2, Bren KarlTzy and the Lancelot build are mandatory to buy.

Raptor Machete

Bren KarlTzy’s first Lancelot build is Raptor Machete. As an Assassin hero, he must use this jungling item in the early game.

Raptor Machete will increase Physical Penetration, Physical attack, CD Reduction and make this hero able to give 50% additional damage to jungle monsters. There are also many passive effects of this item which are very useful for Lancelot.

Like the 30% slow effect and basic attacks that will be strengthened and give physical damage of 50 points.

Warrior Boots

For shoes, use Warrior Boots which will increase the Physical Armor and Movement Speed ​​of this hero. This item will make Lancelot win the duel easily thanks to the additional armor provided.

Endless Battle

The next item that must be purchased is Endless Battle which will provide additional attributes such as HP, Mana Regen, CD Reduction, Physical Lifesteal and Movement Speed.

Blade of the Heptaseas

This item is very useful for increasing Max HP, Physical Attack and Physical Penetration. This item also has a passive skill that will make the hero’s bassic attack get 240 and 60% additional physical attacks.

Thanks to this item, and the two previous items, Lancelot can inflict massive damage with only his Basic Attack.

Blade of Despair

To maximize his damage output, KarTzy uses Blade of Despair. One of the best items in MLBB which will give Physical Attack up to 160 points and 5% Movement Speed.

The passive effect of this skill will also increase 25% damage when Lancelot attacks a dying opponent.

Berserker’s Fury / Malefic Roar

The last item to buy is Berseker’s Fury or Malefic Roar. Each has its own advantages.

When dealing with soft-type heroes, use Berseker’s Fury. Meanwhile, if you are fighting tank heroes with thick armor, use Maletic Roar.