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Konami will Bring PES 2022 with Unreal Engine

Konami, which is a game company from Japan, has just published a trailer ad for the next series of Pro Evolution Soccer games. In this case you can see how the Unreal Engine will become a graphics engine that will replace Fox Engine, which according to research will make the field look realistic with incredible improvements in all aspects of visuals to gameplay.

“We look forward to more realistic models and animations, better physics, photorealistic graphics, and more. They also showed the trailer which you can watch below.

There it is said that this Unreal Engine will later bring PES 2022 in visual enhancements as well as changes in the mechanics/movements of the gameplay as well.

For now, Konami has started developing PES 2022 using the Unreal Engine for the next generation of consoles. This game is rumored to be released in 2022 just like the title of the game.