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Kirameki no Lion Boy Manga Has Reached Climax!

Funda Otaku – Ribon Magazine owned by Shueisha Edition September reveal on the day Wednesday (1/5/19) that manga Kirameki no Lion Boy (Sparkly Lion Boy) by Yoko Maki will reach Climax in the next issue on 3 September 2022.

Manga Kirameki No Lion Boy
Kirameki no Lion Boy Cover

The story centers on a girl named Miwawhose life is like shjo manga. He gets emotional support through Sei, hero the manga he reads. Beautiful appearance and personality Miwa which tends to put him at risk of attracting male attention. However, his best friend Niko always by his side to take care of him. Though Miwa can be happy in the manga world, he thinks heroes like the ones in his favorite stories don’t exist in real life. One day, Miwa coincidentally met a boy who similar with Sei.

Manga Kirameki No Lion Boy Chapter 1

This series was published in Magazine on September 2022. Shueisha Release Volume 8th it’s on September 25 and Volume 9th it will be published on September 25.

Creation Maki alone there Aisheteruze Baby, The Romantica Clock, Yamamoto Zenjir to Mōshimasu, Star Blacks, Taranta Rantaand Sora Sora. Manga Aishiteruze Baby and The Romantica Clock has been in adaptation Becomes Anime in the year of 2004 and 2014.

Source: ANN & Ribon September issue