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KFC x Genshin Impact Collaboration Coming Soon!

Rumor has it that KFC x Genshin Impact will collaborate. To be precise, with KFC in China, one of the reasons is because this game made by MiHoYo sells well there.

This collaboration will present an exclusive item, namely the Wind Glider skin with KFC color patterns, namely red, white and black.

The increasing number of players from time to time is indeed a consideration for MiHoYo to collaborate. And this time, fast food restaurants will be invited to collaborate.

Genshin Impact is not the first game to collaborate with KFC. Previously, this fast food restaurant had collaborated with Garena Thailand by releasing the Colonel Sander costume at AOV.

KFC x Genshin Impact Collaboration Will Release in China!

KFC x Genshin Impact Collaboration Coming!

In a KFC Genshin Impact collaboration banner circulating on the Internet, two characters of this game can be seen. They are Diluc and Noelle who appear wearing KFC waitress clothes.

It seemed that the two of them had been working on a quest at the American fast food restaurant for a while. Quoted from Sportskeeda, this collaboration is only available in China. It has not been confirmed whether it will be released at KFC in various countries, including Indonesia.

The banner also shows a Wing skin which is usually used by genshin characters when descending from a height. These wings are possible to take home when purchasing the featured KFC bucket package.

This image of Diluc and Noelle in uniforms like KFC employees is currently being talked about on Twitter and Reddit. The Genshin community is busy talking about the collaboration.

Genshin fans on Twitter responded to the image with various memes. Some made the KFC logo become DFC (Diluc Fried Chicken). There are also those who make jokes, because KFC is very precise in choosing Diluc as the character shown in the banner.

The reason is, because Diluc has the ability and fire element that can make fried chicken in an instant. Wow, that’s all there is.

Diluc Fried Chicken

When is the Release Date?

According to information circulating, the KFC x Genshin Impact Collaboration will be present on September 8, 2022 in China.

It is not yet certain whether it will be released at KFC outside China or not. Because, if you look at the appearance, it looks like it is fan art for a special promotion of KFC that country only.

It is also not confirmed whether the skins embedded in Noelle and Diluc will appear on their original characters in the game. Apart from that, it seems that this KFC promotion will sell well, considering the large number of Genshin Impact players in China.

The KFC bucket, which is the icon of this fast food restaurant, has a picture of the Genshin character on the side. This makes it look so cool.

It seems that KFC is really enthusiastic about expanding its wings in the gaming field. Because, previously reported, they plan to release a Gaming Console similar to their signature bucket.