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Kamen Rider Black Sun's New Trailer Shows the Form of the Revolcane Sword – Looks like Toei is really preparing the Kamen Rider Black Sun movie, as an ambitious project.

The reason is that after it was confirmed that it would be released via the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, through the latest trailer for the film, which will be specifically for Tokusatsu connoisseurs of today’s age, it showed off some of the latest footage.

Where the latest trailer shows the form of Kamen Rider Black’s iconic sword, The Proton Sword Revolcane. The sword, better known as the Revolcane, has a form that is quite significantly different from the classic version.

The Form of the Revolcane Sword in Kamen Rader Black Sun

Kamen Rider Black Sun’s version of the Revolcane sword looks to have a design like the horns of a grasshopper. The shape itself was far from perfect for a sword, but the design seemed to match the Black Sun’s armor, which looked fierce and terrifying.

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In addition to showing the sword form of Revolcane, we are also shown a scene of Kamen Rider Black who is going to face each other with the figure of Shadow Moon.

Most likely this film will highlight the battle between the alter ego of Kotaro Minami and Akizuki Nobuhiko.