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JKT48's Flying High Song Lyrics and Translation, Comes with New Colors and Nuances! – After teasing through various promotional videos of the 9 senbatsu members some time ago, the final Music Video of the 23rd single from JKT48 was officially released.

The single which has the title Flying High becomes very special, because apart from taking pictures in Japan.

This song was worked on by producers and composers who had worked on songs from great musicians such as Justin Bieber, One Direction, and BTS. The producers of the song are Matt Rad and September Rigo.

The nuances of R&B music and energetic choreography of the video clip are the main features of the single Flying High.

Following are the lyrics of the 2nd original single from JKT48, Flying High:

I’m sitting pretty I’m enjoying the view
We’re flying high high

Feels like this gon’ call for celebration
Made it from the bottom to the top
Finally free got my emancipation
I can hardly believe I made it this far

I feel the wave I feel the love I feel the energy
I’m on my way to better days there ain’t a thing that can stop me now